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Madness [album] by Danilo Wimmer

  • Genre: electronic, electro-jazz
  • Medium: digital album – 68 min
  • Release date: 21 April 2019
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Danilo Wimmer, also known as Q-Port from Vienna, Austria, releases his first solo album under his own name. Besides many projects he is working on as a theatre and film composer, he keeps all the freedom that characterizes his own style: Harmony in chaos, almost recognizable melodies mixed with acoustic experiments of moods and atmospheres. All enjoyable and entertainingly packaged in pieces that sound light and relaxed despite the seeming chaos and let the listener dive into new worlds. And there are twelve tracks – twelve worlds. Each world for itself and yet all connected to each other. An atmospheric journey through the infinite sounds of different cities, places and moments. Paired with his favourite instrument, the piano, Danilo Wimmer also uses the sounds of the windscreen wipers (#11. Wheels), or the splashing of the waves in the Red Sea. The sound of a toaster paired with piano passages (#07. Fragmental Intervention) or the unlocking of a door lock that becomes a piece of its own (#02. Assuming the Concrete). In track #13 (Creaking Ropes) we discover a whole world of squeaking ropes on the shore of Funchal. Track #10 (Smell the River) tells of the freshness and untamed wilderness of the Inn River in Tyrol. The fascination of the unlimited variety and richness of the environment in the everyday life we live in is the most important theme of the composer’s work on this album, which he expresses musically.

Composer's Statement

“You’ve got everything. Except one thing: madness. A man needs a little madness, or else… he never dares to cut the rope and be free.” ‘A quote from the film “Zorba the Greek” by Michael Cacoyannis.

The sentences from the film impressed me and had a great effect on me and on my work: this “craziness” that comes from creativity and connections that at first sight seem impossible suddenly become a unity, a harmony, not in a musical sense but in cosmic dimensions.  This kind of “Madness” has kept me throughout the whole work on this album and I hope that it will not let me go for a very long time.

Or expressed in musical terms – what do different places in the world like Tyrol in Austria, Funchal in Madeira, Egypt and Vienna in Austria have in common? For me most importantly are the sounds these places have. The sounds, soundscapes caused by people, boats, running water, doors, locks, toasters and fences. Everything that surrounds us causes a certain noise, a typical sound. Abstracting this sound from its surroundings and putting it into a new environment opens a whole new world. No less than a new dimension. That was my intention when madness “grabbed” me.

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